My friend Karl, who I hadn’t seen in years and who I met back when I was getting my pilot’s license, contacted me out of the blue on Facebook to let me know he’d be in New Orleans with the Citation X he flies for a living now and asked if I wanted to come check it out.  File that under the world’s most rhetorical question!

I love how my plane has such great heritage as a foundation for so many professional and recreational pilots!  Karl got his instrument rating in my plane way back when!  And look at him now!  Flying for one of the coolest charter companies in the world and flying one of the coolest jets in the world!  This puppy cruises at Mach 0.93, ladies and gentlemen.  Just the fact that you can even reference its cruise speed with a Mach number makes it ultimately cool.  I mean, I suppose you could use a Mach number to reference the cruise speed of my airplane, but it’d be some infinitesimally small number like Mach 0.1, if even that.

Once I did the pilot yoga positions to squeeze myself into the cockpit, it took all my strength to not do things that are frowned upon at my age like push all the buttons, jerk the yoke around while making engine sounds, and then push all the buttons again.  And there were a lot of buttons taunting me!  I felt like the Abominable Snowman from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons because I wanted to say “I will love him and hug him and squeeze him, and I will call him George.”  Except this airplane would have a much cooler name than George.  And I’m sure the charter company wouldn’t really appreciate me keeping one of their service planes as a pet.

Check out the interior of this baby, ya’ll.  Gold fixtures!  Big pimpin’!  This looks like it might be almost as fun to ride in as it would be to pilot it!  Almost…