Line Girl

November 1st, 2012|

I took a job as a line girl at Lakefront Airport (KNEW) New Orleans about two weeks ago.  I lost my job as a Supervisory Analyst in finance six months ago and figured, with money slowly running out, that it was time to get another job.  Knowing I’d take a pay cut if I couldn’t find another Supervisory Analyst job, [...]

Down for Maintenance

October 17th, 2012|

I thought I'd write a post for the mechanically-minded readers this week.  While my plane was down for maintenance, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the guts that you may not often see unless you're a mechanic.  Heck, I had to do something productive since I couldn't fly it!  In one way, it's depressing to see my baby [...]

Book Excerpt!

October 8th, 2012|

In honor of sending out my first batch of agent queries for my book today {smiles nervously}, here is an exerpt from my book!  It's one of my favorite chapters because it captures many of the overall themes of the book.  Not too long after I bought Orion, the glow of being a new airplane owner still fresh, I decided [...]

Interview with an Oshkosh Controller

August 23rd, 2012|Tags: , , , , , , |

Okay, so he clashes with my airplane with that pink shirt of his.  BUT that’s not just any pink shirt!  That is the uber cool shirt that denotes “I’m an Oshkosh Air Traffic Controller” so that those on the field can genuflect as someone in a pink shirt walks by, sweaty and sunburned after a shift of standing out on [...]

Tour of a Citation X

August 7th, 2012|

My friend Karl, who I hadn’t seen in years and who I met back when I was getting my pilot’s license, contacted me out of the blue on Facebook to let me know he’d be in New Orleans with the Citation X he flies for a living now and asked if I wanted to come check it out.  File that [...]

Pilgrimage to Mecca, Part 2

August 2nd, 2012|Tags: , , , |

After the mostly sleepless night, exhausted but knowing that we were still lucky to be there, we decided to make the best of it and walked around the airport, enjoying the airplanes on display and the constant buzzing of anything that has ever flown.  I guarantee that if something has flown, has tried to fly, or has hopes to fly [...]

Pilgrimage to Mecca, Part 1

July 31st, 2012|Tags: , , , , |

Bet you didn’t know that Mecca is in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  No?  Well, aviation mecca, I should say.  Oshkosh is home to the annual Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Airventure, the largest aviation gathering in the country.  It lasts a week, and during that week, the airport’s control tower is the busiest control tower in the world.  Because of that, there are [...]

Welcome to A Girl and Her Plane!

July 23rd, 2012|Tags: , , , , |

Welcome to my new author page!  Thank you for visiting.  I will be posting a new, cool aviation photo each week and will periodically post the latest, greatest flying stories as they present themselves.  I hope you enjoy them.