About Erin Seidemann

Erin Seidemann was born and raised in New Orleans in Southeastern Louisiana, a part of the state often described as “south of the South.” Erin is as Southern as a rich café au lait enjoyed in a rocking chair in 100% humidity! She attended Loyola University New Orleans and graduated cum laude with a degree in English Writing. Her professional career started with a job in San Francisco editing financial research. Since that paid about what you’d expect any English degree job to pay, she became licensed as a Supervisory Analyst, someone who approves research for compliance, making sure all the rules are followed. While working in San Francisco, Erin took up flying lessons and immediately became addicted. She bought her beloved plane, which she named Orion, while she was still a student pilot. She also took up tailwheel flying, aerobatics, and helicopters, always in search of the next aviation thrill. After four years in San Francisco, it was time to move back home. Her flying base and essentially second home is Lakefront Airport New Orleans. In the little bit of time she doesn’t spend working or flying, Erin is also a voracious reader, a rabid runner despite the threat of heat stroke, and an insatiable traveler. She holds a commercial rating for single engine and multi engine. Erin owned a Cessna 172SP for over ten years and now owns a Piper Seneca.